Host a Seminar * Retreat * Training

The National Prayer Ministry is pleased to currently offer five ways you can bring prayer-engaging events to your region to equip, train, encourage, and elevate your life of prayer. Contact the NPM Team if you’d like to have an event or seminar at your church or in your Conference.

Host the Prayer Imaginarium

Participants will experience an interactive, two-stage process that utilizes videos and prompts to engage our minds.  We know that God is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine.  The Prayer Imaginarium is designed to help us engage in prayer through a Holy Spirit-informed mind.

Contact Doug & Margie Newton to schedule the Prayer Imaginarium in your area.

An online version of the Prayer Imaginarium is available HERE.

Host A “Choosing Mary’s Place” Event

Contact: Doug & Margie Newton

PROBLEM: Most Christians sincerely want to pray but struggle to find the time or sense a connection with God if they pray.
SOLUTION: Each seminar, retreat or small group is designed to create an ideal opportunity for you to reorient your life around prayer and the Word of God.
DISCOVERY: A “Choosing Mary’s Place” event is all about new discovery.
• Gaining a more complete and motivating view of prayer.
• Sensing God’s longing to communicate with us.
• Confronting and eliminating obstacles to prayer.
• Creating a God-directed reorientation plan that works.
GUIDEBOOK: (in two stages): The Studies, provides fresh insights that increase motivation and competence. The second stage, The Process, lays out a unique process for re-connecting with the Lord and developing a personal reorientation plan. If you are ready to walk this path to a prayer-centered life, then a “Choosing  Mary’s Place” event is for you, your small group, church or other ministry team.
“How can you put an experience into words? My life will never be the same.”
“The Biblical insights on prayer have completely reoriented my thinking and inspired me in prayer like never before.”
“There is no doubt that this will be one of those milestones in our spiritual life.”
“I have already texted people to tell all Christians, not just ministers, to take some form of this training.”
“The beauty of the content is that it is for the individual and the church.”

Host a JERICHO Deliverance and Healing Event

Contact: Brett Heintzman

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. (John 8:36 NIV)

• Deliverance is a person: Jesus Christ.
• The finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross testifies to His love, power, healing and atonement, all securing your deliverance and freedom.
• Whatever has held you in chains can be broken through the power of God’s Word and prayer.
• Discover the rich themes and principles found in the story of Israel from slavery to entry into the Promised Land and how they apply to your own freedom.
• The story of your life is destined for healing.
• How to identify the real issues deep in your life and conquer them.
•  How to replace a mindset and identity of slavery with one of conquering.
•  How to leave the enemy defenseless in regards to your struggles and  take authority over him.
•  Learn what deliverance is and is not, and how to participate with God’s power to secure your freedom.
JERICHO is an event that will set your life on a new path away from the pain and destruction of past hurts and bondage, setting you free to flourish into new areas of promise prepared for you by our Lord.

Host a JUST ASK event.

Contact Doug & Margie Newton

Many Christians struggle to pray, often because we don’t see answers that reinforce the value of praying.
We need greater confi dence that we are praying prayers God is pleased to answer. Hesitant prayers are usually unanswered prayers, because effective prayer requires faith and fervency.
The kind of confi dence we need comes from understanding what God accomplished through the saving work of Jesus Christ. Salvation is greater than we recognize. The Just Ask seminar exposes participants to various paradigms of salvation that reveal the heart and purposes of God, which consequently help us know the kind of prayers He would be pleased to answer.
Based on the three-volume collection of Just Ask books, participants will be given an overview of “salvation paradigms.” Then they will be exposed to several paradigms and excited to see how these various biblical views of salvation can shape prayers and boost faith. Each session concludes with guided prayer times when participants can practice praying with greater confidence.
“I can’t believe how excited I am to pray now.”
“Why I have never seen these things before, I don’t know. But I know I’ll never have such a narrow view of salvation again!”
“Learning about the partnership paradigm alone was more than worth the time. Now I understand like never before why I need to pray. And why it’s such a privilege.”
“If every Christian would see the greatness and implications of our salvation, and how to pray accordingly, the world would be transformed. I have no doubt.”


Contact: Brett Heintzman

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29:13)

•  Observation of desperate conditions in our world must give way to a passion for change at any cost. That hunger and thirst is the condition that compels a person to action.
•  There are certain aspects of personal transformation and ministry fruitfulness that will never come to pass without increased hunger and thirst for God, His words, His works and His ways.
•  In true spiritual hunger, we reach the end of our journey from thinking we have answers to realizing we actually know nothing. Then we are ready for recalibration.

•  Uncover and remove any divisions in your heart that stand between you and seeking God with your all.
•  Learn to pray for movements, regions, revivals and renewal.
•  Set yourself apart for the purposes of God in greater depths than you have known, and make tangible commitments equal to your desires.

Ultimately, the purpose of “Hunger and Thirst” is to move us outside of our comfortable places into a place of stirring that leads us to the Throne Room of God. We need to learn to live from heaven towards earth, rather than from earth towards heaven.