Our Mission and Vision

Mission of the NPM: To create and sustain the passion and practice of intercessory prayer for local, national, and global transformation.


The National Prayer Ministry helps by encouraging Conferences, Churches, Pastors, and Congregations toward full prayer saturation by offering enriching resources such as the School of Intercession and the Listening Prayer Series.

Vision of the NPM: That every Free Methodist Church would be a fully functioning house of prayer.


Understanding the diversity of prayer experiences within our people, we seek to help move every church and every person from wherever they are, into greater depths of praying.



It is the goal of the National Prayer Ministry to offer resources that create and sustain a culture of perpetual growth in regards to prayer.


Through a diverse collection of published books, engaging online video and audio series’, and information about upcoming prayer confernces, The National Prayer Ministry is dedicated to equiping Conferences and Churches with resources encouraging dedication to prayer.


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