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Choosing Mary’s Place

“Choosing Mary’s Place” A Path to the Prayer-Centered Life

Most followers of Jesus Christ admit they struggle to pray like they want to and know they should. They often beat themselves up over it. But Jesus never does. He understands, “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” The physical realities of life distract us and keep us from spending the time with Jesus we want to. Do you want to fix that problem? Finally, here’s a proven path to the prayer-centered life that you can follow.

Choosing Mary’s Place Guidebook

The primary tool for life-reorientation around prayer and the Word of God. It is a 85-page full-color guidebook that is used for personal study, small groups or seminars. Click HERE to order now.

Choosing Mary’s Place Leader’s Guide

An easy to follow aid for experienced or novice small group leaders. Step-by-step instructions for leading meetings with scripted commentary and questions. Click HERE to order now.


“just ask” Series of Books

Somewhere between timid petition and presumptuous claiming there lies a realm of prayer in which a person finds the confidence to ask and not doubt. How can you find that place?

The kind of confidence we need comes from understanding what God accomplished through the saving work of Jesus Christ. Salvation is greater than most of us recognize, reflecting a divine heart with greater love and plans for us that we can imagine. In order to see the greatness of salvation we need to look through more than one lens–or paradigm. That’s what this book, the first in the series, offers: Greater confidence in prayer through a richer view of salvation.

volume i

Just Ask: Volume One exposes the reader to the concept of salvation paradigms and introduces five paradigms that cluster together under the banner of “reconciliation.” Each chapter concludes with helpful summaries and numerous examples to reinforce the discoveries and practice more confident prayers. Click HERE to order now.

volume ii

Just Ask: Volume Two takes us even deeper into God’s great salvation through describing six more paradigms under the banner of “redemption.” Each chapter concludes with helpful summaries and numerous examples to reinforce the discoveries and practice more confident prayers.  Click HERE to order now.

volume iii

Just Ask: Volume Three This third and final volume of Just Ask continues the series’ mission to build your confidence in prayer by showing God’s heart and the kind of requests He will want to grant, because of what He was wanting to accomplish through His work of salvation. Click HERE to order now.

JERICHO Resources

Jericho can be ordered HERE.
A study founded in personal experience.
Pastor Brett Heintzman knew what it was like to be in the chains of shame that was shaped by personal and family addiction.  Repetitive waves of depression and darkness, along with the internal voices of accusation and humiliation, plagued much of his life.  Then he discovered the power and process of change that comes through the Word of God and prayer.
Having experienced transformation and freedom from the darkness through the power of God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Pastor Brett seeks to share the message of hope and freedom to all who live in similar chains.
Walk -out Your Own Personal Journey to Lasting Freedom with this Powerful Study.

Do you have lingering issues that stem from abuse, addiction, mistakes of the past, regrets, shame, guilt, bad choices, difficult circumstances, things you’ve done, or things that have been done to you?  Are you ready once and for all to rid your life, your mind, your thinking of those things and be set completely free?  ​If you answered yes, then this study is for you.

  • Eleven sessions
  • ​Learn the truth of God’s Ways that lead to true and lasting deliverance and freedom.
  • ​Follow the story of Israel from bondage to freedom.
  • See your own story in their story.
  • ​Learn the beautiful practices that will rebuild your mind from the ground up to be transformed!​

Other Recommended Resources

by O. Hallesby

O. Hallesby was one of Norway’s leading Christian teachers and devotional writers. He played a leading role in the church’s opposition to the Nazis and was confined to a concentration camp for two years. His writings, coming from a mind and heart attuned to God, continue to speak to Christians today.
“This book itself breathes the spirit of prayer . . . It is a book full of grace and mercy, jubilee and challenge. In it I sense Jesus inviting us to the adventure.” Richard J. Foster
Click HERE to order now.

“The Crossroads”
by Brett Heintzman

Today, churches are standing at a crossroads. The Crossroads is a critical point of decision that can mean life and fruitfulness or death and extinction, depending on the choices we make today. Will we stay on the unfruitful paths, or will we seek God for the ancient paths of His choosing: Paths of Holy Spirit power and Kingdom purposes? At the crossroads, the choice must be made. The Crossroads points the way to the ancient paths of true Kingdom fruitfulness. Click HERE to order now.

Intercessory Prayer
By Dutch Sheets

Called foundational, revolutionary, illuminating, and motivating, Intercessory Prayer continues to be a classic work after more than 20 years. This rich, biblical teaching is full of fresh insights showing how vital our prayers are and how God has always planned to work in partnership with us through prayer. As Dutch explains the nuts and bolts of prayer with wisdom, gentleness, and humor, readers will find inspiration and courage to pray for the impossible–and the persistence to see prayers to completion.   Click HERE to order now.

God Guides
By Mary Geegh

While serving as a missionary, Mary Geegh learned the practice of “Listening to God” for his guidance during her daily quiet times. This book is a compilation of her journal entries and gives evidence that God has the answers to all of life’s circumstances. Her foundational belief is that, “Where God Guides, He Provides” trusting that everything can be taken to the Lord for his direct answers. This book can be used as a daily devotional or for Bible study. Click HERE to order now.