National Intercessors Network

A nation-wide community of Christ-followers from the FMC family, dedicated to seeking the LORD persistently, diligently, and passionately for spiritual renewal, defeat of the enemy’s ways, the flourishing of the Gospel in our regions, and full manifestation of Christ’s mission to seek and save the lost. Our unification in hearing what God is saying, and responding across our land in unified prayer, will come from regularly receiving what our people are hearing from God, and regularly distributing ways and means to intercede in harmony with God’s will.


You know that God has called you to stand in prayer for the deep needs of our world in this generation, and you’re ready to pray. You see brokenness with Kingdom eyes and hear the cries of the oppressed. You know where the answers lie. You yearn for a deep renewal and revival for this generation.


Intercession at this level is not like the average prayer meeting of sharing personal needs and saying the usual prayers. Our focus is outside ourselves, targeting a large geography and deep needs. Our prayers are likened to the travail of birth pains and our cry is for renewal… revival … awakening!


We pray “until,” meaning we cry out until the reality of renewal is manifest in our day. We actually pray, not just voice our intention. The ‘ask” is to prayerfully engage with what is being distributed to the network, and listen for what the Spirit is saying as you pray, being diligent and faithful to regular participation.